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Get certified with CrowBarre

Offering fun, unique, and insightful state-of-the-art techniques, where trainees will learn to both sculpt bodies and open hearts, something necessary in today’s constantly moving and often over stimulating world.



Join us for our next training session: Winter and Spring 2022. 3 at the Wachusett Wellness Center, in Clinton MA


About CrowBarre

CrowBarre offers a practice and a certification training that teachers state-of-the-art exercise movement techniques of a custom mix of yoga, barre, and Pilates, with intentional mindful tools that will shape your day-to-day away from the barre!

This program is influenced by the Lotte Berk Method, the original British Barre, and where Julianna has done extensive training with Esther Fairfax, the 85 year old daughter of Lotte Berk, in Hungerford, England-being the 15th person worldwide to have the opportunity to study and be certified by the true original barre source.


What also sets CrowBarre apart from other barre training and certification brands is its mindfulness and movement method—its founder’s belief in the importance of both physical and mental health.


Trainees will not only learn the proper methodology behind the practice created by Lotte Berk, but also be educated on the importance of breath and awareness during their students’ and their own barre practice. 


It is that interconnectedness of body and mind that inspired yoga and barre instructor Julianna Record to offer barre training and certification.


A yogi for almost two decades, after participating in a number of barre trainings and certifications, Record has found that most lacked an emphasis on attention and intention during practice. From practicing and teaching yoga, she knows that the connection between body and mind leads to a deeper and more fulfilling practice that is timed to the students inner rhythm.  


At CrowBarre, trainees will learn to both sculpt bodies and open hearts—something their students will surely appreciate in today’s constantly moving and often over stimulating world.

*CrowBarre is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and an American Council on Exercise Approved Provider.

Why “CrowBarre?”

As with many new methods of movement, some individuals are resistant to the crow, particularly the mystery of its presence. CrowBarre trainees are encouraged to embrace any personal resistance—physical, mental, energetic, etc.,—to allow for transformation. 


The crow is a spirit animal, a sign of luck, and represents the power of transformation. Crows are also symbolized as flexible, intelligent, fearless, and adaptable. They represent a deep connection to the magic within and around us.

About the founder


Julianna Record truly believes that anything challenging along our journey is for our transformation and awakening. Through mind, body, and heart connection, we can tune into that inner knowing, while lightening up, and trying to not take ourselves and life too seriously.


Although she started taking movement and expression classes at the age of 3, it was after experiencing a sudden traumatic illness at 9 that Julianna found healing and comfort through meditation and breathing techniques. From an early age, she knew that there was something greater, deeper than herself, that sparked the magic, the life force in all of us, and that, to truly soar, we need to keep that connection alive and well, day in and day out, through a balance of mindfulness and movement.


Julianna has been practicing yoga and Pilates for 20 years and teaching for almost 15. She is the owner of the Wachusett Wellness Center, located in the heart of Massachusetts.

From a technical and educator perspective, Julianna has worked in various successful start-up companies as a global software and curriculum training manager. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in technical communications and international business, with certifications in adult learning theories and technical curriculum design. She has had the privilege of teaching, studying, and training domestically and internationally, learning about and creating programs for adult learners of all ages, abilities, and nationalities.  


Her first career taught her that longer, more in-depth, and expensive training isn’t always the most beneficial or worthwhile, financially or constructively, nor healthy on the mind, body, and spirit. She has trialed and errored many adult programs, and has found that connection is key, less is often more, and that programs must be conducted, taught, and expressed with a present, grateful heart-to-heart presence


She has passionately applied her years of movement and technical experience to CrowBarre, providing detailed documentation, curriculum, specific verbiage techniques, and self-study to make sure that each trainee and their students can soar to their unique level of height and life force, all while challenging and inviting them to embrace their next level. She is excited, humbled, and grateful to offer and share this experience.

Our technique

Our technique

CrowBarre’s focus is mindful presence and awareness, which will allow successful trainees to help their students achieve ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement.


We offer a 45-, 60-, and 75-minute class training curriculum that is enjoyable and effective, and also provides our promise of a transformative “work-in,”in addition to the workout.

Get certified

Two full on-site weekends 

Hosting location:


Wachusett Wellness Center

150 School St.

Clinton, MA 01510

Dates-Winter 2022!

Contact us directly for details. 

How to reserve your spot:


1. Click the "$250 Deposit" PayPal button to pay your training deposit (you are responsible for paying either the remainder of the early bird special or the remainder of the regular price, both specified above, in person; make all checks payable to CrowBarre);

2. Following deposit payment, you will be emailed a CrowBarre questionnaire and agreement to fill out, sign, and send back to us;

3. Once the applicable documentation has been reviewed, if you are eligible for training, you will be sent a welcome email containing:

  • A breakdown of the four-day on-site training;

  • Pre- on-site homework and log sheet;

  • Resources and suggested reading materials;

  • Expectations and housekeeping items;

  • Directions and suggested accommodations;

4. If you are ineligible for training, you will be given a full refund within 48 hour

Get certified

CrowBarre training breakdown:



Pre- on-site homework and research will prep trainees in the yoga, Pilates and barre methods our program is built around. 



You’ll be given:

• CrowBarre methodology and philosophy 

• Class layouts and examples 

• Visual modules 

• Detailed anatomy 

• Class themes 

• Verbal cues 

• Guided scripts 

• Music theory 

• Playlists 

• And more!


Additional follow-up, demonstration, and 

testing, requiring proper submittal and 

approval, in order to receive final certification, and for associated continuing education credits. 


We promise to leave you confident and 

comfortable to get your CrowBarre 

instruction flying! 

Why you should go crow

Yoga teachers



Do you want to bring more balance to your techniques? For your students to think with their hearts and feel with their minds?


Learn fun, uplifting and challenging barre, Pilates, and yoga flow, while maintaining breath awareness and intentional and  functional mindfulness as your foundation. 


You will learn insightful methods at a faster pace to encourage awareness of the body, mind, and spirit, with the bonus of spinal flossing, solar plexus activation, and strength and length from head to toe.


*Continuing education credits for Registered Yoga Alliance members.

But you don't have to be any of those!
It would be great if you have:
  • Passion for mindfulness and movement

  • Understanding of rhythm and alignment

  • Six months of yoga, Pilates, and barre exposure

  • Eagerness to learn new methods and techniques of teaching

  • Concept of mind/body connection

  • Passion to deepen your connection physically, mentally, and energetically

  • Desire to serve/instruct others on their mindfulness and movement journey

Why you should go crow
Pilates teachers

Thinking about adding a new dimension to your private or group instruction? Our technique will allow you to incorporate your skills, while learning new core and pelvic strengthening techniques.


Through yoga flow, barre, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques, you will have a whole new shelf of creative ways to add to your current offerings, in a professional manner.


*4.0 continuing education credits for American Council of Exercise members.

Dance teachers

Are you familiar with the barre, but want to add more balance to your teaching, or to your life in general? 


Add to your repertoire with yoga flow, Pilates, mindfulness, and intense isometrics. Through creative and mindful movement, you will be able to offer something new at your barre.

Fitness instructors

Are you a personal trainer wanting to enhance your current offerings with a mindful edge?


Learn more fun, yet insightful ways for your clients to challenge their bodies from head to toe, physically, mentally, and energetically. Use these techniques individually or in group training sessions.


*4.0 continuing education credits for American Council of Exercise members.

Host a training

Host a training

Are you:


Opening a new studio or wellness center? Hoping to expand your movement offerings and increase revenue? Wanting variety and more options for your students? Craving more value and balance in your current yoga, Pilates, and/or fitness teachings?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s chat!


What’s required:


• Eight weeks in advance booking time

• Studio space for eight-nine hours per day (broken up into four back-to-back days, or two weekends)

• Ballet barres preferably (heavy folding chairs can be used in place)

• Positive attitude and motivation to learn new techniques

• Minimum 10 participants


Would be nice if you have:


• Gertie balls

• Light weights @ one-six pounds

• Resistance bands

• Yoga straps




$800 deposit, which will be refunded on the first day of training


$895 per trainee


What will be provided:


One free training certification

• Pre- on-site homework and training materials for all participants

• State-of-the-art manual for each participant

• Dedicated 90-minute on-site studio owner consultation to increase traffic and revenue

• Advertising material for training

• Professional, insightful, productive, mindful, and fun training

• Continuing education credits:

- American Council on Exercise 4.0 C.E.C.s

- Yoga Alliance 40 hours C.E.C.s

I'm interested. Tell me more.

Think​ you want to go crow, but need more info?

Send us a message and let us know if you'd like to set up a time to chat!

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